Wipe Manufacturing

Private Label & Contract Manufacturing

Wipes serve many purposes and can spread across numerous market segments. Here are some examples of categories to get you started but not limited to. Create your own World of Wipes!

Private Labeling

Want to start your own wipe business but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! We make private labeling an easy process. Choose from our already developed unique formulations and packaging. You’ll have the ability to make changes and tweak the product to develop your own unique wipe. 

  • Whether you are a marketer or a manufacturer, establishing a brand or extending your line of products, we will assist you in doing it the best way possible.
  • Choose from our exclusive formulations to best fit your wipe needs. You can even change a component a component or your own hybrid formulation. Want to add a natural scent to your wipes? There are endless possibilities to building your project.
  • We at A World of Wipes have a 100% privacy policy guaranteed. We will never give out your name related to the project. We have worked with dozens of private labelers over the years, chances are you already own one of their wipes!

Contract Manufacturing

Already have a wipe formulation in mind? Need to finalize your formula with a preservative? We’ll help you create wipes from an idea to a great selling product. Let us know the details of your product and let’s get started! Here are some of the benefits to contract manufacturing

  • Cost Saving: We have been running our facilities for over 20 years, meaning there are reduced errors that you must pay for. We have skilled workers that you don’t have to risk your money on.
  • Professional Expertise: Our years of experience and expertise will insure that there are no critical mistakes that will cost you time, money and product.
  • Increased Productivity: While we take care of the production and manufacturing process you get to have more time to focus on your brand! This increased productivity will help get your product to the market quicker and easier.

Automotive & Leisure

Cars get dirty fast! Create interior and/or exterior auto wipes for personal or professional use and change the industry!

  • Airline Wipes
  • Boat & RV Wipes
  • Camping Wipes
  • Car Exterior Wipes
  • Car Interior Wipes
  • Fishing Wipes
  • Hunting Wipes
  • Taxi & Limo Service Wipes
  • Tire Wipes


Create health care wipes for all ages and health conditions for at home treatment or for professional medical use.

  • Antibacterial Hand & Face
  • Cooling Wipes
  • Eye Wipes
  • First Aid Wipes
  • Hospital Wipes

Hospitality & Recreational

The hospitality industry spans across many platforms and they all need wipes! Create restaurant, kitchen and table wipes, supermarket wipes, fitness equipment wipes and so much more.

  • Bar Wipes
  • Fitness Equipment Wipes
  • Restaurant Wipes
  • Schools/Universities Wipes
  • Spa Wipes
  • Sporting Equipment Wipes
  • Supermarket Wipes
  • Yoga Mat Wipes

Household & Workplace

Every household can use wipes to help spruce up the place. Create your own table, furniture, floor, electronic wipes and more.

  • Bathroom Wipes
  • Electronic Wipes
  • Floor Wipes
  • Furniture Wipes
  • Jewelry Wipes
  • Kitchen Counter Wipes
  • Lens Wipes
  • Office Wipes
  • Shoe Wipes

Personal Care

It’s very important for everyone to be up to date and on top of their personal care to live their healthiest life. Help create wipes for women, men, babies and more.

  • Adult / Elderly Care Wipes
  • Baby Wipes
  • Feminine Hygiene
  • Male Hygiene
  • Makeup Remover Wipes
  • Pet Wipes


If Private Labeling or Contract Manufacturing isn’t the right fit for you try being a Wholesaler! Our Dutch Harbor Brands division has a wholesale program with a variety of brands and wet wipes to choose from. Some of the benefits of ordering from Dutch Harbor Brands are:

  • Direct-from-the-manufacturer pricing on bestselling brands
  • 24/7 convenience, so you can order on your schedule
  • Easy, one-stop ordering for all of the Dutch Harbor Brands