Since our inception, the principle elements of our strategy have been focused on developing and manufacturing innovative products to impact consumer needs and implementing innovative marketing approaches. As a result, Unico I.T.C has successfully established product lines and introduced product-line extensions, making Unico I.T.C one of the most active and skillful companies in the industry.


Dba “A World of Wipes” was incorporated in 1991, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, with a corporate office in Israel.
Unico I.T.C is a vertically integrated global company, engaged in the development, production, marketing, sales and distribution of wet and dry wipes products in two operating segments, private label and contract manufacturing.

Having made significant advances in the last several years, Unico I.T.C is now a fully-integrated company with the ability and infrastructure to take a product from discover through development, manufacturing, and into the market via our sales force and alliances.

Our Facilities

Boca Raton

A World of Wipes is headquartered with a corporate office located in Boca Raton, Florida, U.S.A. Here we manage all aspects of our branded division, Dutch Harbor Brands. Come on in, meet the team and let’s talk about wipes! Get a glimpse of our World of Wipes!


Israel is home to our manufacturing facilities. There we produce and package all types of wipes, including for our own branded division (Dutch Harbor Brands). Avi, owner and founder of A World Of Wipes, has spent years building a business that employs 200+ people in Israel who are highly skilled in all aspects of research and development and manufacturing.