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dba “A World of Wipes™” incorporated in 1991, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, with a corporate office in Israel.

Unico I.T.C. is a vertically integrated global company, engaged in the development, production, marketing, sales and distribution of wet and dry wipes products in two operating segments, private label and its branded products, under the names:
  • Wipex®
  • Simply Wonderful™
  • Natural Essentials®
  • A World of Wipes™
  • Wipe Your Hands™
  • Beautify Wipes™
  • Germ-Away™
  • Viper Wipes™
  • GSX™
  • PTX™
In addition to Unico I.T.C’s core competencies of production and sale of wipes products, we also manufacture and sell packaging solutions and raw material. Unico I.T.C. has utilized its production, developing and marketing capabilities to establish a global wipes operation, focused on supplying the growing demand for wipes products in diverse sectors and industries for various purposes.

Unico I.T.C, through its two operating segments, the private label segment and its branded wipes segment, offers a broad range of wipes products in various forms and categories used in diverse sectors and industries, including the Healthcare sector, Veterinary, Cosmetics, Skin Care, Sun Care, Baby Care, Sanitary & Antibacterial, Home & Gardening, Household, Office Cleaning & Maintenance, Automotive and the Food Service industry.

Unico I.T.C’s Plastic Division is responsible for the development and manufacturing of plastic and packaging products, including the production of packaging solutions to other companies. This division is managed in collaboration with the corporate office in Israel.

Unico I.T.C has a Research & Development and a Design Division at its headquarters through which it is developing a pipeline of products for existing and potential commercialization.

The History of the Company

Unico I.T.C began operations in July 1991, as a supplier of disposable baby diapers to Central and South America. In 1994, Unico I.T.C made a strategic decision to modify its focus and began to supply wet disposable wipes to the healthcare sector in the U.S. through the development of innovative products targeting the incontinence market.

Since our inception, the principle elements of our strategy have been focused on developing and manufacturing innovative products to impact consumer needs and implementing innovative marketing approaches. As a result, Unico I.T.C has successfully established product lines and introduced product-line extensions, making Unico I.T.C one of the most active and skillful companies in the industry.

Having made significant advances in the last several years, Unico I.T.C is now a fully-integrated company with the ability and infrastructure to take a product from discovery through development, manufacturing, and into the market via our sales force and sales alliances.

Today, Unico I.T.C develops, manufactures, markets and sells wipes products under various labels. Private labels are supplied to customers in North America, Europe and Central and South America, while others are produced under Unico I.T.C’s branded labels. Unico I.T.C’s branded and private label wipes products span a broad range of categories and uses for virtually any daily activity including baby care, hygiene, personal care, makeup removal, facial cleansing, health care, pet care, car care, food service, household cleaning and industrial.
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